Gül Eczanesi
20 April Friday 2018
Tel: (384) 212 00 34
20 Temmuz Mah. Demir Hafız Cad. No.112 Nevşehir
Hekimoğlu Eczanesi
20 April Friday 2018
Tel: (384) 213 03 11
Güzelyurt Mah. 266.sok. No:1/A
Uzer Eczanesi
21 April Saturday 2018
Tel: (384) 212 30 00
Yeni Kayseri Cad. 11/C Nevşehir

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Our Service Concept

Without compromising  our  core values;

We constantly observe national and international developments in health field, set future goals according to changing conditions, create a model in our country and contribute to the health policy with our suggestions.

Our management approach is always open to chance in order to  improve ourself with the belief  that '' we can do better''. We apply contemporary world standarts, work in a flawless service system.

We provide a workplace, creating a sense of belonging where our employees are happy and proud.

We employ doctors, who are experienced nationally and internationally, use technology and keep up with the contemporary developments.

We always improve our service quality by taking our patients' satisfaction, suggestion and complaints into consideration.

 Open-communication, team spirit, coordination, correct orientation and motivation is the basis of our patient-centered organisation.

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