Hekimoğlu Eczanesi
24 March Saturday 2018
Tel: (384) 213 03 11
Güzelyurt Mah. 266.sok. No:1/A
Dörtkol Eczanesi
24 March Saturday 2018
Tel: (384) 214 30 31
Yeni Mah. Yeni Kayseri Cad. No:16, Nevşehir Merkez

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Our vision and mission


To provide quality health care at the best in accordance with scientific rules, considering our community's expectations and needs for health, to be one of the leading health instutitions in our country with the principle of continuous improvement of quality.



To follow the medical developments closely in order to provide our patients health care in international standarts, to train our staff consistently, to work for the pleasure and goodness of our patients and employees.

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